Monthly Archives: August 2012

School Days, Golden Rule Days

Today is the official LAST day of summer vacation.  Inside I’m screaming “Yeeeeessss!!!”  It’s a bittersweet day, though.  It means my big helper is leaving me to my own devices.  It means I have to buckle down and become the enforcer of homework again.  It means no more lazy summer days of him playing video […]

Sweet Summer time

Tonight my husband surprised me by agreeing to go to the beach with me and the kids to take a few photos.  He’s usually the last one willing to be one of my subjects, so when he offered I couldn’t pass it up.  Besides, the weather here this week has been down right nasty.  Rain […]

Good Morning Sunshine

In one of the books that I’ve been reading over the course of this week briefly covered a project that captured my attention.  Telling a story through photographs, the way your life is.  The first line on the page of this book says “Spend a day in the life of your family and capture the […]