Good Morning Sunshine

In one of the books that I’ve been reading over the course of this week briefly covered a project that captured my attention.  Telling a story through photographs, the way your life is.  The first line on the page of this book says “Spend a day in the life of your family and capture the story”.  The story!  Then it dawned on me that even though the kids and I are home during the day – we still have a story to tell.  We may not do much, but within the small things we do we’re creating our story.  And because I’m always looking for ways to practice photography and doing my best at capturing the fleeting moments of childhood and babyhood I thought I’d follow this book’s advice.  That’s how this blog was born.

My goal will eventually be to carry my camera around with me all day long for several days in a row and capture as much as I can.  But for now, I’m starting small.  We woke up this morning covered in clean, white sheets.  The perfect light diffuser, right?  I grabbed my camera – and since Baby T is ALWAYS in a great mood first thing in the morning I thought it would be fun to take a few shots under the sheets.  Besides, the passed couple of weeks she’s beginning to make a leap into understanding “behind”, “under”, “over”, “around”.  Because of this, she’s loving peek-a-boo games.  What easier way to coax a smile out of a happy baby than to play her favorite game under the sheets?

I think she had fun!  Can you tell?


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