School Days, Golden Rule Days

Today is the official LAST day of summer vacation.  Inside I’m screaming “Yeeeeessss!!!”  It’s a bittersweet day, though.  It means my big helper is leaving me to my own devices.  It means I have to buckle down and become the enforcer of homework again.  It means no more lazy summer days of him playing video games and playing with his friends.  It means he starts the FIFTH GRADE!  *bites nails*

This morning we woke up knowing his Open House was today.  He was suuuuuper excited to see his friends and his old teachers.  He couldn’t wait to meet his new teacher too.  After breakfast, my boat sized cup of coffee, a little work on the computer, a nap for the littlest and showers…we were out the door.  First we stopped for the most unhealthiest lunch we could possibly get our hands on – McDonald’s.  LOL!  Then we went through the carwash.  (The baby didn’t know what to think!)  Right after we were all squeaky-clean we headed to the school.

Ethan’s teacher is new to our area and she was super nice!  He shook her hand (how polite!) and we talked a little.  She’s from Texas.  And seems to be a bundle of energy.  (Which is a great thing to have if you’re dealing with a room full of 5th graders!)

Here’s a peak into our day.


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