Sunrise, Beach and My Babies

Getting the babies up at 4:30am to be at the beach an hour before sunrise sounds crazy, you say.  Being away on a mini-vacay and being willing to leave the warmth and comfort of your cushy hotel bed is nuts, you say.  HA!  I’d say you’re probably right.  But after seeing a blog posting from a photographer that I’ve admired for a long time, I had to give it a shot myself.  Seeing DeAnna McCasland’s personal blog posting about capturing these kinds of moments with her own children inspired me to capture similar moments with my own babies.  And I am eternally grateful of her sharing her experiences on the beach at sunrise with her daughter because she showed me the beauty that I was missing by staying in that warm and cushy hotel bed.

When we decided to head to the beach for the Labor Day weekend I immediately packed up my camera, laptop, chargers, tripod and all of my lenses because I KNEW that if I made the 5+ hour drive to the beach without those things I would forever be kicking myself.  By the time we arrived to the hotel baby girl was exhausted and little man was so hyped up over the thought of being able to sleep in a bed that wasn’t his.  The pool was the highlight of the kid’s trip.  Capturing the sunrise was the highlight of mine.  After coaxing the babies out of bed that morning I promised the pool would be a wonderful treat for that afternoon.  And with an indoor heated pool on the 5th floor of the hotel, it proved not to be a disappointment!

I was up at 4:30am and the valet was fetching my car at 5:30am.  By 6am we were on the beach – photography gear in hand, patchwork quilt laid out and Ethan bounding towards the waves with me yelling at him to slow down.  (I didn’t want to miss this!  My camera wasn’t even out of the bag yet!!)

I’m so happy that he was willing to indulge me.  Even for just a few frames.


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