What a Weekend!!

This past weekend my younger sister got married in Staunton, Virginia.  Because it’s pretty difficult for us to make trips as a family we decided to cram in as many things as we possibly could into a few short days.  My sister, her Maid of Honor and I took the two kids to a pumpkin patch the night before everyone else arrived.  I was ecstatic that she knew of a small place within a two minute drive of her home!  The rain looked like it was on it’s way in and I desperately wanted to get some photos at JMU campus but the weather just wasn’t having it.   After seeing the results from this little trip on my camera, I’m actually really glad that we decided to hit the pumpkin patch instead.  🙂

I got the kids out of the car, grabbed my gear and started snapping away.  Little red wagons, orange pumpkins, mums everywhere, silos off in the distance…it was the perfect setting.  The setting sun helped to add to the ambiance too.

The little red wagon we plopped her into was covered with the red clay/dirt that was all over the farm.  Leaves, straw, rocks and all kinds of other things were in there too.  Instead of being the crazy one that’s always worried about germs and dirt I decided I needed to relax a little a let the baby have a little fun.  She immediately started eating the straw and her jeans were filthy by the time we left.  But who cares!?  I was able to get a few adorable photos from those little details…and it acted as a little reminder that I need to loosen up a bit.  Hahah.

My sister was even gracious enough to offer to take a photo of me and baby girl together.  I’m almost never the one in front of the camera, so I really treasure any photo I can get with me and the kids together.  (Can you tell that she was ready for a nap??)

We went back to the house to get things ready for the next morning.  We woke up really early, got the kids ready and packed up in the car to head to Charlottesville to hit the apple orchard.  This was another one of my favorite things to do in the fall and I’ve been counting down to it for weeks!  We met my Aunt and my mom there.  I pulled the stroller out of the trunk of the car (because I wasn’t too keen on paying $3 per person for a hayride) and we hoofed it down a mountain to where the “ripe” apples were – and started picking.  Have you ever tried to climb down a mountain pushing a stroller with a sleeping infant in it while carrying expensive camera gear and lens rentals?  It’s quite the experience!  We were dodging holes, bumps, small children and school groups.  My Aunt ended up taking over for me and poor baby girl lurched forward with every dip in the ground that I honestly thought she’d go flying out of her seat.  Luckily, she slept the whole way down the mountainside.  I was so busy trying not to slip on the rotten apples or fall into the holes that I didn’t take many photos at all.  But I actually really like the one capture I got!

The orchard just happen to be holding a photo contest while we were there, so I entered this one.  🙂  We’ll see how it fares.

That afternoon we made it back to the house to take showers and start getting ready for the rehearsal dinner.  The next morning was WEDDING DAY!!!  Because I was one of her Maids of Honor I wasn’t able to get as many photos as I’d like to have, but here are a few that really stood out to me.

The wedding was beautiful!  We all danced our butts off and had a great time.  And the pumpkin patch visit and the apple orchard visit was just icing on the cake for me.

Congratulations Ann and Travis!!!!  May you both be blessed with many, many years full of love and happiness.  I hope you’re enjoying Jamaica!


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