Tulle Wreath Instructions: Decorating for Halloween

A friend of mine recently posted an amazing photo of this ADORABLE wreath she made with tulle.  My immediate thought was “HOW’D SHE DO THAT?!?” followed by “I want one!!!”.  And within a few minutes, I was online searching up ways to do something similar.  I had already spent my recent sick-days online researching different pumpkin decorating ideas and decided instead of carving this year we were going to paint them.  And I already had my color scheme in mind.  (Orange, black and white – glitter, matte, shiny…)  So I Googled instructions on how to do the wreath and ran to Michael’s to pick up some supplies.

Here’s what I got:

1 Glue Gun

1 pack of glue sticks (NOTE: make sure the glue sticks you buy are the correct size for your gun!  I didn’t do this and ended up cutting a stick into quarters and jamming it into the gun to make it work.  Hahaha.)

1 12-inch foam wreath form

120 yards of cream tulle from the bridal section (you can use any color tulle – stretch your imagination!)

and lots of little flowers, spiders, eyeballs and decorations for embellishment
(Sooo…my photography with this tutorial is nowhere near my best work.  Lol!  I wasn’t trying to get gorgeous photos.  I just really wanted to show what my steps were for the wreath.)

The first step is to figure out how long you want your tulle strips to be.  You can measure this pretty easily by holding it up to the wreath form before cutting a strip, eyeballing the length.  You’ll be tying each strip in a knot on the wreath form, so it’s pretty easy to eyeball the length you want.  I think I cut mine around 10 inches or so.  Be sure to cut only one strip and tie it to the wreath to decide whether you like the length or not.  Once you decide what length the strips will be, cut the remaining yards of tulle into strips at the same length.

Now you’re ready to tie your strips.  I tied mine in a doubled layer using two tulle strips per tie, to make it thicker.  That way you can’t see the colored wreath form.

Tie each double tulle strip around the wreath until you use all 120 yards of tulle.  Squish them together as you go.

This is what it’ll start looking like as you’re tying.  🙂

Once you tie the tulle around the entire wreath, you can get the hot glue gun out and start embellishing your wreath.  Go crazy!  Decorate.  Have fun!  The upcoming Halloween holiday inspired this one…but these can be made for all kinds of holidays or occasions.



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