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Tulle Wreath Instructions: Decorating for Halloween

A friend of mine recently posted an amazing photo of this ADORABLE wreath she made with tulle.  My immediate thought was “HOW’D SHE DO THAT?!?” followed by “I want one!!!”.  And within a few minutes, I was online searching up ways to do something similar.  I had already spent my recent sick-days online researching different […]

Sunrise, Beach and My Babies

Getting the babies up at 4:30am to be at the beach an hour before sunrise sounds crazy, you say.  Being away on a mini-vacay and being willing to leave the warmth and comfort of your cushy hotel bed is nuts, you say.  HA!  I’d say you’re probably right.  But after seeing a blog posting from […]

Instagram Version of Our Holiday

Like a lot of us, this past weekend meant end-of-summer celebrations.  Labor Day weekend arrived and my son had an extra day off from school.  And when the opportunity presented itself for us to take a trip to the beach for the long weekend, we jumped at the chance!  Spending a weekend in a fancy […]